Oops I did it again; come back 10.9

I am completely injury and pain free. I have found shoes that seem to complement my running style very well. I have a running schedule that I think I can sustain without re injuring myself.

June was my first running only month in a  very very long time. I logged 90 miles of running in June.

I’m feeling really good about this and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m getting my running legs back. (I know I said I was done running but I can’t help it.)

Below is my monthly training schedule starting with June.    W stands for weight training.

click on calendar then full size top right corner to enlarge


68 mile month


43 mile month

April 2017

95 mile month

March 2017

84 mile month

Febuary 2017

41 miles

January 2017

55 miles


December 2016

97 miles and

4 mile race


November 2016

108 miles and

8K race


October 2016

115 miles and

3rd in my age group in 5K race.


September 2016

109 miles and

1st place in my age group in 5K race.


August 2016

126 miles and

3rd place finish in my age group in my first running race and five K in a year.


JULY 2016 

104 miles in July

So far so good.


JUNE 2016

89 miles in June



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