Last Footstrike

My last post was April 13 2014, one year and seven months ago. At that time I still was clinging to a hope that I could sustain once more a regular running program that would allow me to be competitive once again. After a year of training then having to stop because of pain, then starting again and then stopping again many times over; after a year of trying every kind of training program and shoe that I could think of without success, I finally admitted once and for all that being a runner was no longer sustainable for me. I knew that I had to try and replace the void that running was going to leave in my life. But there is nothing like running. You don’t here of a bikers high, or a swimmers high, or any other kind of sports high. This is something that is unique to running. I personally think it has to do with the rhythm of running for an extended period of time that kind of puts you in a sort of trance. Still I needed to find something. Cycling would seem to be the obvious choice since I was a very serious road racer when I was younger. But the thought of it didn’t inspire me, plus it is very hard to maintain during the New York winters, unlike running that can be done all year. Going back to mountain biking also didn’t really inspire me. Although winter training is more doable with mountain biking, once the snow settles on the ground it becomes near impossible. Then I discovered a new kind of mountain bike; a mountain bike with no suspension but very large tires that sort of roll over obstacles but most of all allow you to ride in the snow. I was very intrigued but thought the bike would be sluggish under normal conditions. I finally test road one and immediately loved it. It was very responsive and quick and I loved that it could do it’s thing without suspension, and most of all I would be able to potentially train on it all year round. I bought it and started training. I have started racing and have gotten three podium finishes. But most of all I have found a sport that satisfies my need to push myself and that I can sustain without over use injuries like running. Nothing can replace running, I will always miss it, but this comes in a close second.

I have started doing some running again along with the mountain biking. Lets see where this goes.

Below is a record of my training for 2016.













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