The Road Back Part II?


Tuesday May 21 2013

After starting out on a 10K run that turned into a 2K run because the pain in my ankles made it quite apparent that running as I have known it was not in my future, I put into motion plan B.

I went back to road Runners gave them back the Nike stability shoes and bought these Vibrame 5 Fingers. Now it’s back to school. If this doesn’t work I’m done. This is my Hail Mary pass, my last attempt at trying to save my running.

Wednesday May 22 2013               Weight training

Thursday May 23 2013                   2K run.  First run in 5 fingers. This is definitely different.  For sure no going to heel strike in these shoes. It really is like running barefoot. Your landing very much on your forefoot.  Basically running on the balls of your feet. No pain today but I’ll have to see if it stays that way once I get my distance back up towards the 10K mark. I felt very light on my feet and it felt easy to run at a fairly quick pace. Time will tell.

Saturday May 25 2013                    4K run 9:40 M/M/P plus weight training. Boy you really run different in these shoes that’s for sure. The run felt good today, no pain anywhere. Still that was a very short run so it’s still to early to tell. Baby steps, baby steps. But for now still no ankle pain or knee pain.

Sunday May 26 2013                        Weight training.

Monday May 27 2013                       2K run.

Wednesday May 29 2013                 4K run 9:10 M/M/P

Thursday May 30 2013                      Weight training.

Friday May 31 2013                            Today was going to be a 6K,but I had to stop running almost as soon as I started this morning, due to sharp pain in my left ankle. This is probably the end. I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday to see if there is a fix; but honestly I am already starting to come up with a plan for my reconversion into cycling. At any rate that’s what I’ll be doing at least for the next week. I did do a short 5.6 klm bike ride.

Saturday June 31 2013                    90 degrees and humid, 6K run 8:40 M/M/P hard up the hills. What can I say I’m a stubborn bastard. I just had a feeling my ankle would be pain free today, it wasn’t bothering me so I figured I would try, and sure enough I ran pain free.? Will try to do another 4K tomorrow. Still going to the doctors though on Thursday.

Sunday June 2 2013                          The 6K I ran yesterday has re-inflamed my left  plantar fasciitis. So that’s it. I’m done.  But what was it I said? For every curtain that falls another one opens. Time to get back in the saddle I guess. I suppose I’ll have to find my running nirvana in another life.


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