The Road Back?

lunareclipse301May 4 2013

New shoes, new start. After months of pain management and nearly bringing my running to a stop. I have decided to give it one more attempt at a comeback. The  plantar fasciitis is gone and the ankle and knee pain is nearly completely absent. I will limit my runs to three a week. 10K runs on Tuesday and Thursday and then a longer run on Sunday slowly progressing my long run from 12K to 20K adding 2Ks a week. Sat will be my day off and M-W-F weight lifting. I have added knee and ankle strengthening exercise to my weight training as well as arch strengthening exercise for my feet. I have switched from a neutral shoe to a stability shoe. This time I don’t stop until the pain keeps me from running. How long? It could be a week, a year, I don’t know. We’ll see. This will my last attempt. If it fails, I’ll hang up my running shoes for good.

Sunday May 5 2013                  12K run Heritage Trail 9:00 M/M/P

Monday May 6 2013                Weights.

Tuesday May 7 2013                10K run hard up the hills. 9:20 M/M/P

Wednesday May 8 2013          Weights

Thursday May 9 2013              10K run hard up the hills. 9:00 M/M/P    Slight pain in left ankle, at times, during the day.

Friday May 10 2013                  Weights      Still having some mild pain in my left ankle when I walk, at times.

Sunday May 12 2013                 14K run Heritage Trail 8:35 M/M/P     Slight pain, front of left knee and back of right knee at beginning of run disappeared after about 1.5 klm.

Monday May 13 2013                 Weights       Left ankle is complaining today more than normal.

Tuesday May 14 2013                10K run hard up hills 9:30 M/M/P   didn’t sleep well hard run, very tired.

Sunday May 19 2013                   16K run Heritage Trail 9:00 M/M/P

Monday May 20 2013                 Weights. Some pain in left ankle.

Tuesday May 21 2013                 2K run.?   Started running and immediately felt pain in my ankles. With every foot strike I felt like my ankles and knees were getting pounded.  After 1 klm I stopped, and just stood there wondering what to do. I turned around and went home. This was not going to work. There could be no more doubt that my running as I knew it was over.

One last plan left. One last hail marry. The stability shoes had not worked. Time to go to the other extreme. Time to take the barefoot challenge all the way. This will work or my running will come to a stop.  To be continued in The Road Back Part II


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